What’s the benefit of registering on the website and what’s involved?

The number one reason to register on the website is to apply for the many fantastic job opportunities that are updated continually! Registering also provides you with access to information only available to members of the 24 Seven community – like news about events,training opportunities in your area, and more.

Who should register?

Everyone and anyone interested in freelance and or fulltime opportunities with exciting companies and wonderful brands in Marketing, Interactive/Digital, Design, E-commerce, Fashion, Retail, Beauty, Advertising, Events and Lifestyle.

What happens when I work with 24 Seven?

24 Seven recruiters are industry insiders who work diligently to match you with a position that is aligned with your qualifications and career goals. We also consider a company's culture, as that is a key component of on-the-job success. When it comes to knowing what companies are looking for, what skills are in-demand and how to prepare you for the interview, you'll get the inside scoop. We have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace and we are connected to the top brands, dynamic design firms, and exciting advertising, interactive and marketing agencies. Work with us and you’ll have access to our extensive client network and talent community.

Will my registration be kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely, positively confidential. Only our internal team has access to our talent database. And before we send your information or resume to any client, we ask your permission first.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

For each candidate and each opportunity, what you need to bring is different. So when we ask you to come in to see us, we will specify what’s required.

What if there’s no 24 Seven office in my city?

While we’re constantly expanding our global reach, we aren’t everywhere yet… But don’t despair! We conduct remote meetings with candidates all the time – by phone and over the internet with solutions like Skype.

Does 24 Seven have a Referral Program?

Yes! You can take home an extra $200 when you refer a friend to us. Only Candidate Referrals that are not already in 24 Seven's applicant database qualify for this program. If the candidate referred has already applied for a position with any 24 Seven once, they are not eligible for this program. Referral bonuses are paid only for qualified referrals who register with 24 Seven, meet hiring criteria, accept an assignment or position and work 100 total hours for freelance or 90 days for fulltime placement. Only one bonus is paid per candidate referred. All referrals must be placed in a 12 month period from referral date to be eligible. Remember we fill positions in the Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Creative Services, Fashion, Retail, Beauty and Events. Send referrals to referral@24seveninc.com.

I want to be considered for one of 24 Seven’s posted jobs. What should I do?

First, we recommend registering on our website. Once you’ve registered, a member of our local recruitment team will reach out to you directly to set up a time to speak to discuss your background and potential opportunities with 24 Seven. If there is a good fit, we’ll set up a time that works for you and one of our Account Managers to meet at our nearest office. Additionally, by registering on our website, you are given the opportunity to access our frequently updated job board. Once your account has been created, you’ll be able to directly apply to any jobs that you feel you’d be a good match for!

Can 24 Seven help me stand out as a candidate?

24 Seven goes above and beyond to ensure that our candidates stand out. By scheduling in person interviews, we take the time to listen and get to know our candidates on an individual level – beyond their resume. When meeting, we learn about your needs, skills, and better understand what exactly your looking for. We’ll work with you on your resume to make sure it’s tailored for the type of position you’re looking for an coach you through the interview process.

I applied to one of your open positions from a job site. What is my next step?

Your next step would be to keep an eye out for an e-mail from one of our Account Managers to speak further about the role. We recommend taking note of the job reference number located on the specific job posting in order to follow up on the status of the job. Please do keep in mind that we receive a high volume of applicants for jobs posted on various job sites.

I am relocating and looking for work in a new city. Can you help?

Yes! 24 Seven can assist you directly with work in a new city if you are planning to relocate. While we don’t offer relocation services, you can view jobs that we post on our job board and specify the search by the city you are planning to move to. Additionally, if you register on our website and a member of our team reaches out, you can inform them of your relocation plan. By doing this, we can put you in touch directly with a member of our team in your desired city.